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Get airbrushed on a night out

Casio Exilim pink qvc
Casio Exilim pink qvc

Casio_Exilim_pink_qvcYour mates aren’t as forgiving as celeb magazines when it comes to displaying pics of you on their Facebook pages. Casio’s Exilim camera can help you out there, with a feature that airbrushes you for a flawless look! And it’s available from the QVC website from Monday…

The Exilim works to enhance skin tones for beautiful portraits and to make features such as your eyes, hair and eye lashes sharper.

There are 12 different make-up modes to choose from, allowing you to choose how clear you’d like your skin to look.

Other specs include:
* 14.1-megapixel camera
* 10x optical Zoom
* Wide angle lens
* Up to 1000 shots per battery charge

The QVC price for the Casio Exilim is £242 and it comes in black, silver or pink.