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Mira Magna touts remote-controlled shower

Mira Magna Remote controlled shower
Mira Magna Remote controlled shower

Mira_Magna_Remote_controlled_showerTurning on the water, climbing in the bath, manoeuvring the shower head, shivering against the shower curtain until you get the temperature right – for something that’s supposed to be a quick and simple part of your morning routine, showering can involve a lot of hassle. Mira Magna reckons it’s got the solution, having created a remote controlled shower that saves your favourite heat and power settings.

“The unique pebble shaped, and waterproof, remote control means that your shower can be switched on from up to 10 metres away from the comfort of your own bed so that it’s warm and ready for you to step into at your perfect preset temperature,” a Mira Magna spokeswoman said.
The shower also offers an environmentally friendly ‘warm-up’ function to save water: “Simply activate the feature from the remote control or the shower gauge to start the flow. Once the desired pre-set temperature is reached, Mira Magna pauses the flow so that no water is wasted – you can then simply reactivate the flow and get into your perfect shower.”

Meanwhile, the 17cm diameter Waterveil showerhead offers five spray modes for “the fullest possible coverage”.
Mira Magna is also threatening to bring your bath into the 21st century with the bath/shower mixer, which can be mounted on the side of the bath.

This gadget “provides an alternative to clunky looking taps” and offers bath fill memory, which we assume means it won’t overfill and slop water all over your floor.

The Mira Magna shower is priced from £661, with an additional £226.78 for the Waterveil showerhead and remote control and an extra £387.75 if you want to add the bath/shower mixer.