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Noise reduction without the batteries

Blackbox i10 Active Noise Rejection
Blackbox i10 Active Noise Rejection

Blackbox_i10_Active_Noise_RejectionWant noise reduction on your headphones, no batteries required? Blackbox has launched the i10 earphones, which are powered directly by an iPod or iPhone using Apple’s 30-pin dock connector. The i10 uses Active Noise Rejection (ANR) technology to improve the device’s sound quality and provide “a clear and authentic listening experience.”

“This is a UK first and beats the free white earphones given with your Apple products,” a spokesman said.

The i10 earphones claim to cancel 92 per cent of background noise. They work by intelligently measuring the noise field in the ear, before calculating and reintroducing an ‘anti-noise’ response, resulting in near silence by continuously adapting to the prevailing noise conditions.

Technical Specification for the i10 include:
* iPod 30 pin dock
* Active Noise Reduction – Up to 92 per cent (22dB)
* Passive Noise Isolation – Up to 30dB >1kHz
* Connector cable 800mm, Earphone cable 450mm
* Slide volume control and integrated monitor function
* Lateral, in-ear earphone with an ergonomic design and monsoon skin
* Power – supplied by iPod
* Comes with a set of 3 grommet sizes (S, M, L)

The Blackbox i10 earphones are available now with an RRP of £79.99.