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12 per cent of Britons can’t see 3D

Sony HX803 3DTV 440
Sony HX803 3DTV 440

Sony_HX803_3DTV_440You may have noticed that 3D is a popular concept right now, be it in the cinema, on telly or with a games console. Or you may not have noticed, because you’re one of the population who can’t see it.

The Eyecare Trust has been doing some research into stereoscopic 3D effects and has found that around six million Brits – between 10% and 12% of the population – simply can’t see the effect.

It’s a result of poor binocular vision, where a person’s brain can’t quite properly process the two separate images being sent to it by the left and right eyes.

“You may not have realised that you have poor binocular vision before, because your brain will often try to compensate for any visual inadequacies,” explained the Eyecare Trust in a press release.

“For these six million people it’s like taking the 3D glasses off, making everything all blurry. You can’t see the image and that causes headaches, eye-strain and blurred vision,” added Trust member Dharmesh Patel.

This probably isn’t what the various big companies pushing 3D at us want to hear. Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS has a switch to turn the effect off, but when it comes to the 3D TVs that are reportedly not selling as well across Europe as hoped, well, we’ll have to, er, wait and see…