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Next iPod could add 5MP camera

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john_lewis_logoJohn Lewis showed off what it thinks will be big this Christmas (believe it or not, some magazines are written so far in advance they’re starting to cover it already!). The store’s IT buyer Matt Leeser and its audio buyer Rob Hennessey also gave us their thoughts on current and future trends – including what they think the next iPod will feature…

“It’s just my opinion…” began Hennessey, before predicting that the September refresh for the iPod will see it targeted much more as a multimedia device.

He also believes it will include an improved 5-megapixel camera, mimicking the iPhone. Gamers will also be rewarded with a full gyroscope rather than the current side to side movement to control the action “as apple moves further into gaming”.

And there’ll be face-to-face calling over Wi-fi

According to the pair, other current trends or predictions include:
* Nearly 30 per cent of all notebooks sold will be coloured
* Tablet devices will really start to challenge the netbook market
* Currently, 15 per cent of TV sales over 40-inches are 3D TVs – “Content as well as technology will be a key trend in this category,” added Leeser.
* Internet radio sales are up 200 per cent year on year
* 30 per cent of speaker sales are above £300.

The company has also seen a game in America called Assassin (where kids take their own photo and wear it, then have to steal other people’s photos to knock them out of the game and win) has seen “a massive uplift in Polaroid camera sales”.

Amazingly, Breville Teasmades also fly off the shelves during the festive period. “The volumes of teasmades we sell in the run up to Christmas is baffling,” said Hennessey.

According to its sales per square foot, John Lewis says its Oxford street electronics section would be the largest consumer electronics store if it was a standalone shop.