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3D gaming improves your scores

ps3 slim
ps3 slim

ps3-slimWant to improve your gaming and get better scores? Get a 3D TV! That’s the advice from Mick Hocking, senior director at SCEE who looks after all 3D gaming for Sony worldwide, speaking at an event held by John Lewis.

Hocking said the company had found that people are more accurate when playing 3D games because their brains process the information more quickly. That helps with core skills such as timing and judgement.

“Greater accuracy and more cues mean a better score,” he added.

Sony paved the way for 3D gaming with its June firmware update, which will allow existing PlayStation 3 consoles to play 3D titles.

“Games are going to be the key killer content for 3D because we can play with depth in ways the other formats can’t,” Hocking said.

Hocking also revealed that a firmware update for the PS3 currently scheduled for September will allow the games consoles to show movies in 3D.

“That will give an instant market of 36 million Blu-ray players for 3D movies,” he said, referencing the 35.8 million consoles Sony has sold so far.

Hocking said that as the consoles will also be HDMI 1.4 compatible, they’ll be able to sense the size of the TV and will know it’s 3D.