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BBC iPlayer makes contact with Android

bbc iplayer logo
bbc iplayer logo

bbc-iplayer-logoUp until now the BBC’s iPlayer service was something that was missing from the smartphone landscape on account of its insistence on using Flash (and we all know how much Apple hates Flash). But now the Flash-based catch-up service comes to an Android phone near you.

The BBC iPlayer will be initially available only on handsets that run the latest version of Android (Froyo or version 2.2). This mobile Os is one of the few OSs that now support Flash 10.1.

the service itself is really a mobile version of the the website as opposed to a full-blown app. The website works on the phone’s webkit-based Chrome Browser and the intreface has had work done on it to make it more touchscreen-friendly.

The only other drawbacks are that your phone will need to be pretty fast and use Wi-Fi as the video streams transferred are around the 400kbps mark.

The BBC hasn’t released an app as it is at loggerheads with the BBC Trust over the impact it could have on competition.

Elsewhere the iPlayer is available on the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 with the Microsoft Xbox 360 being a notable exception at the current time of writing.

Link: BBC mobile iPlayer website.