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Top ten festival Nokia apps

nokia n8
nokia n8

nokia-n8With Glastonbury starting tomorrow now is a very good time to download some great app for your Nokia phone to make the most of your festival experience. Absolute Gadget has selected the ten best to get you through the weekend of music, mayhem and mud.

Price: £3.00

Wellies or flip flops? The eternal festival dilemma. Always pick the right footwear with weather forecasts from ForecaWeather.


Smell Scanner
Price: FREE

A good fun way to suss out which portaloos to avoid. The Smell Scanner uses a unique trick so you can fool your friends and have an excellent laugh.


Price: FREE

Loving that tune but don’t know the track? Create music moments: discover, buy and share for a unique music journey including posting to Twitter and Facebook.


Price: FREE

Want to capture and instantly share those timeless moments with your friends at home? Qik lets you record and share high quality videos right from your phone. Instantly post to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & other social networks.


V Festival
Price: FREE

V Festival gossip with regular tweets from artists and fans, plus the latest images and videos from Flickr, Facebook and YouTube. Win Saturday day tickets to Hylands Park, Chelmsford as well as the opportunity to bag an entertaining Nokia X6.


eFestivals Survivor
Price: FREE

Keep up-to-date with the latest festival news, including ‘bar brain’ to help remember those large drinks orders while ‘friend flasher’ identifies you in a crowd when you may have become a little weary and lost.


Battery Extender Lite
Price: FREE

Battery Extender helps extend the standby time of your phone by up to 30% by fine tuning the settings on your device.


I Parked Here
Price: FREE

Worried about finding the car on the last day? With I Parked Here, you’ll never forget where you parked. Remember your parking place with a simple tap – and without waiting for a GPS fix (thanks to the revolutionary Skyhook system).


Light – Pocketlamp
Price: FREE

Lost your torch and need to navigate around a dark campsite? Use the screen as a white light flashlight. It takes no extra space in your pocket and is always with you.


Handheld Mirror
Price: FREE

Never get caught without a mirror again and save space in your bag. This application turns your phone and front camera into a pocket mirror.