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Review: Portapocket


If you’re the kind of person that has a lot of gadgets that you carry about from day to day (after all you reading this esteemed journal), but wear clothes that have no pockets (think kilt or skirt), then PortaPocket has a pocket for you that’s, err, portable.

The basic idea of a PortaPocket is that you can carry your essential stuff around with you without having to carry a bag as well. for instance you may be going to a social occasion dressed up in finery and a great big bag may detract from the look. PortaPocket steps in and gives you a pocket to store money, keys, etc strapped around your leg and hidden from view.

The pocket attaches itself to your leg with a band you fit around your leg (or arm as well). the pockets is securely fixed onto the band with velcro.

Fitting it is very easy and done in seconds. If you are wearing a skirt or kilt, you can store just about anything as the PortaPocket comes in several sizes. Most will easily carry an MP3 player, iPhone or iPod as well as a cell phone or money clip.

Once attached, the PortaPocket pretty much stays in place. We tested it wearing it on on a leg and another one on our arm on a day out and both stayed in place while running around a park all day.

Overall, you can never have too many pockets but with a PortaPocket at least you won’t have any unsightly bulgese to worry about.

Rating: 9/10