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Dog trainer sheds some light

dogtrainer torch
dogtrainer torch

dogtrainer_torchWhat’s yellow and scares off dogs? The Multi-function Dog Trainer. According to the supplier, it’s designed based on the listening characteristics of dogs to train them, scare them off or light them up (at least that’s what we assume the built-in torch function is for).

“Normal people only can hear the range of sound from 20Hz up to 20KHz. Dog [sic] can hear much wider range,” the press release tells us.

Therefore, an ultrasonic device producing sound at a frequency higher than 20KHz can work to train dogswithout being heard by us humans.

“It not only suitable for pets but also police dog and shepherd,” the press release continues in its broken English, before adding: “This portable device also good for expel ferocious dogs. That is why this device also purchase by all those people who live next or pass by with ferocious dogs.”

Not got a problem with dogs yet? Use it as a handheld LED torch until you do…

Specifications include:
* Handy strap for easy carrying
* Dimensions: 12.5cm x 4cm x 2.7cm
* Powered by 9V battery
* Colour: Yellow.