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Energenie offers holiday recharge

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Popping off on holiday to recharge your batteries? Energenie is taking that statement a bit more literally by launching a range of products for campers, festival goers and holiday makers. The Energenie for the Traveller range includes dynamo torches and mobile phone chargers, portable battery chargers, and plug adaptors for over 150 countries – including a World Cup ready charger for South Africa.

“The new range provides holiday makers with everything they need to use their gadgets abroad, stay green and – with emergency chargers for mobile phones – stay connected,” said Alan J Tadd, MD at Energenie. “Don’t pack your case without checking the site.”

The Energenie for the Traveller range is available now and includes:
Hand Charger for Mobile Phones with flashlight and FM radio (£12.99)
“This hand-powered torch is also an emergency mobile phone charger and FM radio and includes a super loud emergency alarm. Rotate the handle for 2 minutes to charge your mobile phone for a 1-4 min conversation, or rotate for 1 minute to power up the torch for 30 minutes. The torch uses LEDs instead of bulbs and is water-resistant.”


Hand Charger for Mobile Phones with Flashlight (£8.99)
Hand-powered torch and emergency phone charger.

Rechargeable AA or AAA-size Batteries (£6.99)
This pack of two batteries can be charged using a built in USB plug to slot into the USB port of your PC or laptop. The AAA-size batteries come with a mini USB 5 pin connector.


Travel Adaptor Set (£5.99)
The new travel adaptor set can be used in over 150 countries on six continents. It consists of five interlocking parts for ideal storage while travelling.


South African World Cup Adapter (£3.99)
An adapter which converts plugs from the UK, Europe, America, Australia, and Italy to the South African system.

Mobile Phone AA Battery Emergency Charger (£4.99)
This compact travel mobile phone charger keeps an almost discharged phone working for some emergency calls. Uses a single AA battery.