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Television Reigns Supreme as the Defining Sound in the British Household

New research unveils the intricate symphony of sounds that define the quintessential British home, highlighting the impact of household noises and the emergence of quieter, eco-friendly heating technology.

cs small chassis right perspective
cs small chassis right perspective

The most common sound in UK homes is the television, according to new research.

In a surprising revelation, a study conducted by Worcester Bosch, a leader in home heating solutions, found that the sound of television is the most common noise in British households. This comprehensive research, which surveyed 2,000 Brits, not only sheds light on the pervasive influence of household noises but also challenges misconceptions about the noise levels associated with heat pump technology.

Interestingly, the study found that the tranquil hum of birds chirping, registering between 35-55 dBA (decibels), is comparable to the discreet whisper of Worcester Bosch’s latest Compress 5800i AW heat pump, which operates at an ultra-low 40.5 dBA during the night and 51.2 dBA during the day.

The research further uncovers the dichotomy of sounds that Brits find soothing and those they find disruptive. While 60% of respondents find solace in the soothing tones of rainfall, aeroplanes soaring at 102 dBA rank as the most disruptive noise. Additionally, snoring (59%), babies crying (41%), and the clatter of washing machines (28%) top the charts as the most irksome sounds within UK households.

Victoria Billings, Director of Marketing at Worcester Bosch, emphasized, “Our Compress 5800i AW represents a new era of heat pumps, dispelling the misconception of noisy outdoor units. Offering sustainable, energy-efficient heating, it ensures an undisturbed home environment for relaxation.”

With over 60% expressing concerns about potential disruptions from sustainable heating technology, the study underscores the significance of Worcester Bosch’s Quiet Mark awarded Compress 5800i AW. Positioned as an eco-friendly solution, it caters to new build and renovation projects, seamlessly blending sustainability with tranquillity.