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Cotswold helps you dodge the mozzies

Craghoppers NosiLife trousers
Craghoppers NosiLife trousers

Craghoppers_NosiLife_trousers“Nothing excites a mosquito like yards of bare flesh!” says an excited press release from Cotswold Outdoor. Thankfully, the company isn’t offering some kind of insect-based jazz mag but is instead backing Craghoppers NosiLife clothing, which is designed to give you protection from mosquitos for “a lifetime of wear”.

“NosiLife uses a world exclusive, textile impregnation treatment to give synthetic fabrics permanent insect-repellency,” a Cotswold Outdoor spokeman says. “Proven 90 per cent protection from insects and mosquitos.”

The range has fast drying properties so it can be washed at night and worn again by morning to make it most useful for travellers.

Products include:
Craghoppers NosiLife Long Sleeved Shirt
* Insect repellent and antibacterial treatment
* Full UV protection
* Travel shirt packs small
* Easy to care for – just wash and wear
* Male shirt available in Dark Bark and Parchment; Female shirt available in Seasalt and Blush Red
* Price £50.


Craghoppers NosiLife Trousers And Shorts
* Relaxed cargo styling
* New super Ripstop construction, using a light-weight nylon fabric with inter-woven reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern to keep weight to a minimum.
* Male trousers available in Black Pepper (£45); Female trousers available in Platinum and Cocca (£40)
* Male shorts available in Cadet (£40).