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Yell App augments your reality

Yell iphone app aug real 2
Yell iphone app aug real 2

Yell_iphone_app_aug_real_2Information service Yell now takes a good look around at your world to find details about your local businesses. It’s all down to today’s current buzzword: Augmented Reality.

Yell Labs has developed the free Augmented Reality iPhone Beta App, which works with the iPhone 3GS.

The App allows users to ‘see’ local shops, offices, restaurants and other useful services through the iPhone’s camera viewer – even if they’re round the corner or in the next street.

As you move the iPhone around, yellow boxes are displayed over the live feed of the world directly in front of you.  If you touch one of these boxes, information is displayed about that specific business such as address, phone number, opening hours and website.

“It’s a combination of the iPhone’s GPS and compass, which combine to pinpoint exactly where you are, and the way you’re facing. Yell then seamlessly overlays the relevant information, taken from its database of two million businesses,” a statement from the company said.
A Radar at the top of the screen indicates which businesses are around you. Meanwhile, the Categories Bar lets you swish your finger to the right to display the most popular searches and a swish to the left sets the distance that you want to see, allowing you to reduce the amount of information on the screen.
Matthew Bottomley, Yell’s director of new media product marketing, said this was just the company’s first step in this direction.

“We’re pleased with the result of our first experiment with Augmented Reality and are now working on fully integrating AR with our mobile service later in the year,” Bottomley said.