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Contour leads USB fight against diabetes

Bayer Contour USB
Bayer Contour USB

Bayer_Contour_USBKeeping track of your body is an important part of staying healthy when you suffer from diabetes. And Contour has a new USB gizmo to help you do just that.

The company says the Contour USB is the first blood glucose meter that inserts directly into a computer, removing the need for any additional equipment.

Contour said it is also the first “plug & play” meter that automatically opens its integrated diabetes management software on a computer, so the software doesn’t need to be downloaded.

“Both of these points differentiate Contour USB from other meters already existing on the market, making it far easier to use for the patient and a lot more immediate and responsive in terms of the technology involved,” a Contour spokesman told AG.

The spokesman said that patients using the meter have “instant access” to their blood glucose test results, helping them to manage their condition more effectively in “a way that suits their modern lifestyle”.

Rather than seeing individual blood glucose results, the software translates up to 2,000 readings into trends and patterns.

“The user can begin to understand when and why they experience highs and lows in their blood sugar levels and adjust their behaviour and diet accordingly,”the spokesman said.

Features of Bayer’s Contour USB meter include:
* “A bright colour display, visible in any light that shows average, high and low readings with customisable features such as intuitive pre- and post-meal marking.”
* “500MB extra memory for storage of personal diabetes information.”
* “Rechargeable battery that can charge from any USB port or via the optional Contour USB wall charger.” 
* “Glucofacts Deluxe diabetes management software.”

The Contour USB has an RRP of £24.99 in the UK and €27.99 Ireland and is currently available via Bayer’s website.