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iPhone joins Vodafone in Jan

iPhone 3GS vodafone
iPhone 3GS vodafone

iPhone_3GS_vodafoneIf you’re one of those people who couldn’t wait to get your hands on an iPhone, imagine how Vodafone feels. “We started preparing our network over a year ago so that iPhone customers will really feel the advantage of being with Vodafone,” said Guy Laurence, CEO of Vodafone UK. Laurence was happy to announce that the iPhone launches on Vodafone on 14 January, for both consumer and business customers.

Consumer price plans will come with unlimited texts, while businesses will get unlimited calls to landlines.

Plans start at £30 a month with a two-year contract, with an 8GB iPhone 3G costing £59, a 16GB iPhone 3GS costing £149 and a 32GB iPhone 3GS costing £239. Costs rise if users choose an 18-month contract.

However, choosing a larger monthly payment plan increases the minutes and decreases the cost of the handset – for example, those buying a two-year contract at £35 a month will get the iPhone 3G free.

Customers wishing to use their iPhone as a modem can add this service for £5 for 500MB, £10 for 1.5GB or £15 for 3GB.

Customers also receive up to 1GB of Wi-Fi data use on BT Openzone connections, providing high-speed internet access at premium locations across the UK.

Consumer customers who previously registered an interest in iPhone with Vodafone or who choose to pre-order will also receive free Vodafone to Vodafone phone calls, for the life of their initial contract.