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Park a Mesh 7 under your tree

Mesh 7 BMW Chassis
Mesh 7 BMW Chassis

Mesh_7_BMW_ChassisDon’t Mesh Computers realise that the number seven usually conjures up dwarves in a panto at this time of year? Clearly not, as the company has described its new Mesh 7 PC as “a bit of a monster”. Still, this may be the only way to get your loved ones to park a BMW under your Christmas tree…

That’s because the car manufacturer is behind the design of that impressive-looking chassis. It’s got the price tag to match, mind – starting at £2,799 including vat and available immediately.

“With a CrossFire-enabled Radeon HD 5970, built into the heart of a BMW-designed chassis, gamers that are lucky enough to get their hands on a MESH 7 system this Christmas are in for a real treat,” a company statement said.

Mesh described the system as “its fastest ever gaming rig” and admitted that at £2,799 it was “not for the faint-hearted”.

“The child in me has been dying for a system like this all my life,” added a slightly overexcited Tony Riccardi, sales and marketing director at Mesh Computers.

“It looks amazing, weighs a ton and smashes through the latest DX11 games like a T-Rex on steroids.”

Riccardi claims that recent sales of high-price PCs even point to an end to the recession!

“Windows 7 was a powerful launch for MESH, with sales of high end systems more than doubling. We realised that, with the recession coming to an end, demanding gamers are once again looking to buy the very best,” he said.

The full specification for the MESH 7 includes:
* An Intel Core i7 processor
* Latest Asus P6T mainboard
* 6GB of DDR3 memory
* Blu-Ray drive
* MESH’s very own ‘Razer Gamers’ Pack.