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Spotify gets top spot on HTC Hero with 3

htc hero sense google android
htc hero sense google android

If you like your music on the move but don’t want to spend time uploading your record collection to your iPhone, 3 reckons you can just have Spotify on a HTC Hero smartphone instead.

For just £35 per month, the mobile operator is bundling the streaming music service with the Android-based handset. The announcement also marks Android’s first appearence on the UK’s smallest operator.

The phone will cost punters £100 upfront for a 24 month contract. The tariff includes 700 minutes of talktime, unlimited texts, email and mobile internet as well as unlimited 3-to-3 calls and Skype. The 24-month Spotify subscription itself works out to be £240, so this looks like a great bargain.

Charlotte Blanchard, Director of Products & Services at 3 said: “This partnership continues our commitment to bring popular internet services to our customers. Spotify Mobile is a fantastic digital service which gives consumers the ability to enjoy and share music in an affordable way.”