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Windows 7 shipping early to dodge postal strike

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windows7_logoMicrosoft wants Windows 7 to make lots of lovely money. Windows 7 is due to come out on Thursday. Thursday is also the day that Royal Mail is planning a 48-hour strike. Microsoft isn’t about to let such trifles interfere with its money-harvesting, so it’s letting UK retailers ship the operating system early.

PC World customers have been reporting that their copies of Windows 7 have started arriving already – Microsoft responded by confirming that it’s deliberate.

“Given the threat of Royal Mail strike action, we have consulted with Microsoft and authorised the early release of a first batch of Windows 7,” says a PC World spokesperson.

“Microsoft is aware of the planned postal strike and has taken action to minimise impact on those customers who pre-ordered their copies of Windows 7,” Bill’s boys have said. “As a result, some customers may receive their copy of Windows 7 a day or two early.”

Apparently this affects the UK’s biggest retailers, although we haven’t heard any details of companies other than PC World getting in on the early action. Presumably it’s just a matter of time, though.