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How does the Dyson Air Multiplier work?

Air Multiplier by Dyson
Air Multiplier by Dyson

With vacuum cleaners, washing machines and hand dryers suitable reinvented, it wasn’t too long before Dyson turned its attention to another area. The Air Multiplier is a re-imagining of the humble fan, but how does it work without a single fan in sight?

The gadget looks more like a magnifying glass than a fan and there are no blades in sight for young fingers to get the chop. The device draws in air through vents and then pumps the air over what looks like an aerofoil within a big hoop. This multiplies the air current by 15 times producing a throughput of 405 litres of air per second.

“I’ve always been disappointed by fans. Their spinning blades chop up the airflow, causing annoying buffeting. They’re hard to clean,” said Sir James Dyson. “And children always want to poke their fingers through the grille. So we’ve developed a new type of fan that doesn’t use blades.”

The downside is the cost – average fans cost around £20 – this one will set you back £200.


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