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Polaroid comes back from the dead

Polaroid 600 Camera
Polaroid 600 Camera

We thought that the combination of the credit crunch and digital photography woud have spelled the permanent end of the trusty old Polaroid. but the instant film has sprung back in a way that would make Lazarus gasp in awe.

The Impossible Project had teamed up with Polaroid’s licensee, the Summit Global Group, to produce a range of instant films in 2010.

In a statement Polaroid UK confirmed this afternoon: “Polaroid will once again manufacture a range of classic instant film products like the Polaroid ‘600’ instant film, and also bring a range of instant cameras to use them, including the easy to use Polaroid One.”

The cameras will be made by a third party. Last year Polaroid canned film production, blaming digital photography. The Impossible Project will also make its own brand of film to launch around the middle of next year.

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