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Freeview retune bricks old digital receivers


freeviewTelevision viewers have been left in the dark as a nationwide retune of Freeview channels has meant that certain digital set-top boxes can no longer receive any television channels.

Today saw the UK retuning its Freeview boxes in preparation for the digital switchover and the introduction of high-definition services. Over 25 million boxes have to be retuned in order to keep viewing Channel Five and receive new channels, such as Quest.

The upgrade means that 500,000 extra households can now receive the fifth channel but also  another half-a-million homes will no longer be able to access ITV3 and ITV4. The retune was needed from lunchtime onwards to continue viewing and affects all boxes, including TopUp TV and BT Vision.

But certain models by Daewoo, Labgear, Triax and Bush look likely to stop working all-together. Some may be able to continue working following an over-the-air update. The BBC has outlined hardware that may have a problem after retuning here.

Have you had any problems since the retune? Let us know in the comments section below.

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