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LG Pop goes back to basics

LG GD510
LG GD510

LG_GD510“With the GD510, LG is applying its tried and tested strategy to a new model – this time, a more compact full-touchscreen handset with simple and essential features,” says Jeremy Newing, head of marketing for LG Mobile UK and Ireland. The strategy? Make a phone with a nice touchscreen that’s easy to use and then sit back and flog ’em by the million…

According to LG, the LG GD510 – also known as Pop – is “a touchscreen phone that has never been simpler to use.”

It’s got all the basics you’d expect:
* MP3 and movie player
* 3-inch screen
* 3-megapixel camera.
“Furthermore, the style of the handset is kept simple, encased in brushed aluminium casing, with the wide high resolution (WQVGA) touchscreen extending almost to the edges of the handset with only a narrow 4.8 mm border,” Newing said.

“A single button is used on the interface, which functions as the menu, end and cancel keys. A slim strip of light around the button shines either green or red indicating the handset’s function.”
The handset will be available in the UK in November at Carphone Warehouse. No price yet…