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Traditional light bulbs to go out


bulbIf, like us, you have ditched the traditional light bulb in favour of something more eco-friendly, then you probably won’t notice that old light bulbs will no longer be on sale throughout the EU next week.

From 1 September, 100W will be banned from sale with other lesser wattage bulbs following suit within the next three years under the Eco Design of Energy-using Products Directive that was passed last December.

However, according the Telegraph, there is evidence that people will hoard the old light bulbs or simply keep on using them, presumably running up higher bills.

Enforcement agencies are said to be ready to crack down on companies importing the old-style bulbs from China with £5,000 fines in the offer to anyone that does.

According to the Department for the Environment, ditching the old bulbs will save £37 per year in fuel bills.