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Jordan is Britain’s most dangerous celebrity on the Internet

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mcafee_logoThat’s right, if you bump into Ms. Katie Price while walking the proverbial streets of the information superhighway, you should hastily back off and head down a different alley. (Preferably one with a better set of metaphors.)

Anti-virus king McAfee has confirmed that the model and (cough) “singer” is the most likely celeb in Britain to infect your PC – one in six sites that proclaim to have news/pictures of her could contain some sort of malware.

The research was carried out simply by typing various famous types’ names into Google, Yahoo et al and seeing how many site results were dangerous. Logically, those gentlemen or ladies who are more frequently making headlines make for a higher risk. “A quick flick across the front pages of the latest popular newspapers and magazines offers a fairly reliable snapshot of where the criminals will focus their efforts next,” warned McAfee’s principal security analyst, Greg Day.

So who should you avoid? McAfee’s compiled a top ten of the UK and US celebrities to avoid. Here in Blighty, be wary of:

  1. Jordan (16.3% of sites a risk)
  2. Jude Law (15.4%)
  3. Victoria Beckham (13.6%)
  4. Kate Moss (12.6%)
  5. David Beckham (12.1%)
  6. Daniel Radcliffe (12%)
  7. Kerry Katona (9%)
  8. Amy Winehouse (8.6%)
  9. Cheryl Cole (8.5%)
  10. Leona Lewis (8.3%)


Meanwhile, the stateside celebs to avoid are:

  1. Jessica Biel (20.1%)
  2. Beyoncé Knowles (17.9%)
  3. Tom Brady (17.4%)
  4. Jessica Simpson (17.6%)
  5. Jennifer Aniston (12.3%)
  6. Gisele Bundchen (15.8%)
  7. Miley Cyrus (15.5%)
  8. Megan Fox (15.3%)
  9. Ashley Tisdale (14.9%)
  10. Brad Pitt (14.8%)
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