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Tape snags 3.2TB of storage

Imation LTO 5 tape
Imation LTO 5 tape

Imation_LTO-5_tapeDisk drives are getting pretty big these days. As are Flash drives. And those high-def Blu-ray discs hold quite a lot of stuff. Things have certainly moved on since the days when we used to store everything on tape. However, that inexpensive format is still in use today – and with a massive 3.2TB of storage on Imation’s latest tapes, it’s easy to see why.

Imation today announced “an important milestone” in the storage industry: an Imation LTO-5 tape cartridge that offers 3.2TB of compressed storage and data transfer rates of up to 360MBps.

The company said that capacity and transfer rate “offers significant improvements over prior tape generations” and Imation expects to launch LTO-5 tape cartridges in early 2010.

“Metal particulate media is a proven standard in data storage, and with MP-based LTO-5, we will be almost doubling the capacity of the cartridges,” said Anna Lidén, product manager for magnetic and commercial storage at Imation Europe.

“Furthermore, LTO-5 tape technology offers a cost-efficient way for businesses to store ever-expanding data. Whether the tapes are used for long-term archival or for regular backup of active data, the new method offers high energy savings and great advantages for cost per gigabyte.”