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Vodafone first with simmed-up NC10 netbook

samsung nc10 netbook small
samsung nc10 netbook small

samsung_nc10_netbook_small.jpgNot tempted by the basic computer configuration of the Datawind UbiSurfer netbook for £159.99? Even with its 30 hours of included net access thanks to a built-in sim? Well, if you can afford to spend £300-a-year for two years you could get a full-blown Windows XP netbook with 1GB of data a month. And Vodafone’s the only one offering that with the Samsung NC10…

If you want more than 1GB a month, there’s the £30 a month option that gives 3GB of data access and comes with the same two-year contract.

For simplicity’s sake, the Samsung NC10 netbook has a Vodafone SIM and mobile broadband software pre-installed – meaning customers won’t need to use a USB modem to connect to the web.

Unlike the UbiSurfer, the Vodafone netbook will allow you to watch videos and other content using its mobile connection, although that could burn fairly quickly through your monthly limit.

The Samsung NC10 definitely beats the UbiSurfer in the style stakes, though.

“Weighing in at only 1.33kg, the netbook comes in black and includes a built-in webcam, a bright 10.2-inch glossy LED display and a normal-size, PC-style keyboard,” says a Vodafone statement.

“It also boasts a 3-in-1 memory card reader for simple file sharing, 1GB memory and Microsoft Windows XP. Users will also appreciate the increased battery life and network reception that integrated mobile broadband offers when compared to using a separate USB modem with a notebook or laptop.”

The Samsung NC10 netbook is available at Vodafone’s online store or by calling 08080 408 408.