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Utra-thin MacBook Air goes size zero


Apple fanboys will no doubt be once again praying to the god of black polo neck jumper as Steve Jobs announced at the MacWorld Expo here in San Francisco a new ultra-thin sub-notebook that manages to be small and also as powerful as a normal laptop

The new MacBook Air, which is will cost $1,799 and is expected to land on earth in two weeks, was by all accounts the biggest announcement that Jobs made in a 90-minute keynote at Macworld yesterday. (Of course we managed to bring you the news of this earlier this month).

Jobs pulled the new product from a manila envelope. The device measures 0.16 of an inch at the thinnest point of its keyboard-side edge and 0.76 inches at the hinge. It weighs about three pounds and has the much-touted multitouch trackpad.

"When you first see MacBook Air, it’s hard to believe it’s a high-performance notebook with a full-size keyboard and display. But it is," said Jobs.


{mospagebreak}The Air also has a 13.1 inch display and is backlit by LEDs. The standard laptop will sport a 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo chip with 4MB shared L2 cache. It also comes with 2GB of memory. The storage is an 80GB 1.8 inch hard drive, which is also used in Apple’s iPod Classic players.

What the Air lacks is an optical drive. Users can shell out $99 to buy a USB-powered optical drive for the Air.

Jobs also said that people could now rent movies via iTunes to watch over their computers, iPods or iPhones for $3.99 for a 30-day period. Older movies will rent for $2.99 for the same time period.


Jobs also gave details of a new backup device called Time Capsule. Apple also revamped its Apple TV device, which has been a bit of a disappointment by all accounts. The price has been slashed to $229, so that should get you parting with your money!