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Walking: the video game

wii walk game
wii walk game

all over. The world has officially gone over the edge into the sweet,
sweet madness that lies just beyond human perception.  Konami is making
a video game that simulates walking along.

Walk it Out is for the Wii, to no-one’s surprise.  Using either the Balance Board, Konami’s own Dance Dance Revolution
arrow-mats or just the Wiimote and nunchuk, you walk on the spot in
front of your television.  The idea is that you walk in time to the
song playing and…that appears to be it.

Yes, okay, Nintendo has in fact already made its own walking game.  But that (Walk with Me! Do You Know Your Walking Routine?)
was for the DS, and came with a pedometer and basically encouraged you
to actually step outside.  Konami has no excuse.  They are making a
game where you pretend to walk while standing in front of your
television.  Get out while you can.  (Pun sort of intended.)