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Gear4 makes a case for 3G

gear4 hardman docker
gear4 hardman docker

Gear4 Hardman DockerGear4 has updated its range of cases on the back of the 3G iPhone launch, with a refresh of some old favourites as well as some brand new lines. The cases include silicon skins, hard plastic shells, leather cases and screen protectors.

The ‘X-Shield’ mixes a hard plastic case with a leather backing, which is a new concept for GEAR4.


The company said it provided “excellent protection” via the hard plastic case and the high-quality leather exterior provided an “all-in-one answer for great protection and design”.

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Meanwhile, the ‘HardMan’ range features the scary sounding HardMan Pro and HardMan Docker. 

The Pro version features a liquid rubber finish, a removable screen protector, movie stand and cleaning cloth.


The Docker lives up to its name thanks to a removable bottom part for easy docking on speaker stations or chargers. It’s a hard plastic case wit a “glossy finish”.

All of these retail at £29.99 and are available now at the Gear4 store.

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They are complimented by the Screenshield range – sets of plastic screen protectors and screen mirrors, turning your phone into a make up aid (yes ladies, Gear4 love us too!).

The Screenshield products come in at a less scary £9.99.


Along with these new launches, Gear4 has also made its current Jumpsuits, IceBoxes, Sports armbands and Leatherjackets available for the iPhone.

All in all, an open and shut case.