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New Blackberry clamshell phone pictures leaked

blackberry kickstart
blackberry kickstart

To get a Blackberry device from its users would require you to prise it out of their cold, dead hand but they may well very soon be chucking it away – to get their hands on this new phone that departs from the usual design by going all clamshell-like. 

According to Boy Genius Report, Research-in-Motion will be launching the clamshell phone, called the Kickstart, before the end of the year. It should sport a Suretype keyboard as well as a digital camera, an external LCD and, a tiny navigation trackball and a 2.5-inch LCD.

It is rumoured that the new phone will come with an updated version of RIM’s own Operating System, the Blackberrry Device Software 4.6, which should be able to cope with videos.

From the pictures the phone looks a bit on the big side or maybe Boy Genius has small hands (he is a boy after all!).

There is still no word on the rumoured Blackberry iPhone-type touchscreen phone.