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O2 and Napster make music together

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O2A good business partnership can help company’s make beautiful music together. Take O2 and Napster, for instance. Today the two firms have got together to offer what they claim is “the UK’s largest full-track mobile music download service”. But will Apple be singing the blues? After all, O2 has the exclusive rights to the iPhone in the UK, so we might have expected an iTunes tie-in…

While we wait for an answer on that from Apple (frankly, we’re not holding our breath) here’s what you can expect from Napster Mobile.

The service will be available exclusively on mobile through O2 Active and will provide access to more than five million songs and dual delivery of tracks to both the customer’s mobile phone and PC.

Single tracks will initially be priced at 99p for a promotional period, with five tracks costing just £4.

Once a song is purchased on the mobile phone, a copy will be automatically sent to the email address of the customer’s choosing.

The Napster service will be accessible through O2 Active on more than 30 different handsets.

“This is another great example of our strategy of creating deep level partnerships with the best companies in the world to deliver compelling services to our customers,” said Sally Cowdry, marketing director at O2 UK.

The link-up builds on a successful partnership with Napster that was pioneered by O2 Ireland.