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Jajah Voip calls heard on iPhone

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Jajah logoWant a quick news hit: Jajah. Voice calls. On iPhone. Using Wi-Fi. The rest of you who’ve taken Ferris Bueller’s advice that life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it, read on…

Yes, internet telephone company Jajah, the “world’s most innovative” if not the world’s most humble communications company, is working on an internet calling system for the iPhone.

“Jajah is building on its current Apple iPhone call-back offering by participating in the iPhone Developer Program to create possibly the first native global VoIP application,” a company suit said today.

The new global VoIP application is expected to be available this summer, close to the iPhone 2.0 software release.

The new Jajah Mobile VoIP client for the iPhone will offer two ways to make free or low-cost global calls to any phone in the world: Jajah’s known call back service, which the company says is ideal for low-bandwidth locations; and the sole use of a Wi-Fi network.

With Wi-Fi support, all international and long-distance callers will be able to place calls via airport hotspots, coffee shops or any other desired Wi-Fi location.

“Now with the release of the iPhone SDK, we are excited to develop a native VoIP application that will improve productivity and enhance the communication capabilities of mobile professionals with added security,” said Frederik Hermann, director of global marketing at Jajah.

“Jajah adds global mobile VoIP functionality and with enterprise level support, soon companies will give employees a choice of an iPhone versus the BlackBerry.”

Since the iPhone launch in June 2007, Jajah provided its web-activated telephony service on a custom-tailored website for this device, via the integrated Safari web browser.