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Twittercut catches out the Twitter twits

twitter logo bird
twitter logo bird

TwitterToday there’s a warning to all Twitter users about a new Internet scam that claims to drastically increase your Twitter followers, using a website called Twitter cut, a site that was only registered four days ago.

Users may see a tweet in their stream that reads “OMG I just got over 1000 followers today from http://twittercut.com”.

But once clicked on, the link takes you to a fraudulent Twitter website requesting your login and password details, then resends this tweet to all of your followers as well as directing users to a dating website, with the aggregate number of views resulting in affiliate revenue.

PC Tools says the worm is spreading quickly, with most attacks occurring in the US, Canada, Sweden and Brazil.

The estimated 13,000 unique visitors in the last two days may have generated as much as thousands of dollars, based on a pay per click system.

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