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Guitar Hero 5 gets date plus bonus competition

guitar hero 5 logo
guitar hero 5 logo

Guitar Hero 5Indeed. Activision has launched a website for Guitar Hero 5, with a release date of 1 September and a competition to win five tickets per concert to five concerts of your choice.  (It’s the fifth game, see.  Well, if you don’t count Guitar Hero Aerosmith.  And Guitar Hero Metallica. And the two on the DS.)

Anyway, the details of the competition are up on the website. The game itself? Well, the site is vague about whether the 1 September date is for North America only or worldwide. 

The fact that The Beatles: Rock Band is due for 9 September suggests that Activision probably wants to pre-empt it worldwide, so hopefully that 1 Sep date is correct.

There’s no song list announced as yet, but several artists have been revealed to be in the game.  These ones, in fact:

The Rolling Stones
The White Stripes
Kings of Leon
Tom Petty
Bob Dylan
Johnny Cash
Vampire Weekend
Beastie Boys
Duran Duran
Jimmy Eat World
The Raconteurs

We’re not quite sure what the bass player of your living room band is going to be doing during the White Stripes numbers. Making the tea?



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