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Asus launches Eee Skype videophone in UK

asus videophone
asus videophone

We may not be driving jetcars or eating food pills but at least thanks
to Asus we can chat to our pals and see what they look like. The
company has finally launched its new Eee videophone in the UK so you
can see who you are talking to you in all their dubious glory.

The Eee Videophone uses the Skype service to make and receive calls and
sports large seven-inch LCD screen. To go alongside the vid-calling
experience is a webcam, speaker and microphone. Asus claims the webcam
can work very well in low-light conditions. There is also a plug-in
headset available if you don’t want to have people see what you look
like first thing in the morning.

It also works with wired and wireless (b/g) networks and comes with a
rechargable battery so can be taken around your home without the need
of a mains cable.

"With more than 25 per cent of Skype-to-Skype calls including video,
we know that video calling is an easy, accessible and relevant way for
people to communicate," said Manrique Brenes, Skype’s director of
business development and product management for consumer electronics in
a statement.

The videophone weighs in at 1.6kg and the battery lasts about 20 mins in talk-time or 30 minutes on stand-by.

The phone is available via Skype by clicking here.