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T-Mobile G1 to challenge iPhone apps

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Google Android G1 phone on T-MobileGoogle has clearly been watching those iPhone adverts where the bloke using the device tells us there’s an app for everything. But it hasn’t simply been twiddling its thumbs while Apple slowly takes over the world, oh no. And a new software update released today enables thousands more applications to be developed for the Android Market.

“The much-anticipated software update will mean even more choice for T-Mobile G1 users and more scope for developers,” a T-Mobile spokeswoman told us.

“G1 users will be able to select from a growing range of paid for applications and games, while the several thousand developers that have signed up to Android will be able to charge for applications and games, if they choose, to fund future development.”

T-Mobile said that applications already available on the G1 via Android Market cover a wide range of genres, from location-based applications such as Cab4Me, which allows users to order a cab to their exact location at the touch of a button, and ‘nru’ (near you) which allows users to find entertainment and things to do near them, based on their current location and the direction the handset is pointed in.

Additionally, there’s a wide selection of games such as the brain training game Brain Genius Deluxe, and even applications such as Eco Rio which lets users track their carbon footprint.

T-Mobile said a selection of the forthcoming new applications will require payment, with the price set by the developers, while over a thousand applications are still free of charge with more being added every day.

Richard Warmsley, head of internet and entertainment at T-Mobile, said the openness of Android and the ease of adding an application or game to the Android Market meant that, any budding developer could bring their ideas to life.

“Customers will judge which applications are successful through user ratings and feedback,” he added.

One of the first paid for applications to go live today was the latest video game phenomenon Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile.

The T-Mobile G1 is available for free on T-Mobile Combi and Flext price plans from £30 a month, including unlimited high speed internet powered by T-Mobile’s award-winning network.