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Gmail goes down again

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gmail_logo.jpgAs much as we love Google’s free webmail
service Gmail, we do get unnaturally worried when it fails to provide
us with email communication goodness. Apparently the service went down
again this morning for a couple of hours leading to questions over the
service’s reliability.

According to reports on the
Twittersphere, Gmail accounts were timing out with many seeing a 500
error instead of their inbox. The previous month’s outage was
attributed to a problem at an European data centre.

With more
than 100 million users worldwide, the service is very popular. The
search company said in a statement that only a small number of users
had been affected and told the BBC that it was "working as quickly as
they can to resolve the problem. We know how
important e-mail is to our users, so we take issues like this very

An update on the companys Apps Status Dashboard
said that the majority of  users should be back up and running  for users within the next 24 hours.

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