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Nintendo DSi storms Europe on 3 April

nintendo dsi closed
nintendo dsi closed

Nintendo DSiWe told you last October that Nintendo’s latest update to the DS handheld console would be out early in 2009. Now Nintendo has confirmed that the DSi will hit European stores on 3 April.

The Nintendo DSi will be available in black or white and is the "thinnest and lightest member of the Nintendo DS family". 

The console contains two motion-detecting cameras, enhanced sound, game downloads and inbuilt memory to allow customisation of your DSi. 
The two motion-detecting cameras are able to detect facial features and players’ movements, allowing games to be controlled with your upper body, hands, arms and head.

"There are many ways to have fun with the Nintendo DSi, from creating, customising and sharing photos with friends and family or listening to and experimenting with your favourite music, to playing more than 1,000 Nintendo DS games and downloading new DSiWare games directly onto your console," says a Nintendo spokespeson without taking a breath.

"The Nintendo DSi also features built-in internet capabilities, meaning the fun begins the moment you switch it on!"