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Guitar Hero rocks out on Google Android

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android_logo.jpgIf you have bought
the T-Mobile G1 phone and looked on in envy at your iPhone carrying
buddies with their Tap Tap Revenge rock game, then be prepared to
unleash your inner rock god as Activision’s Guitar Hero is set to turn
the volume all the way up to 11 on the mobile platform.

The game is one of the first paid-for apps available through the Android Market and will feature tracks from Deep Purple (Smoke on the Water) as well as Guns ‘n’ Roses (Welcome to the Jungle) to name but a few.

We guess that the game play will not be too taxing for anyone that is
familiar with both Guitar Hero on normal consoles or Tap Tap on the
iPhone. No doubt if it becomes successful we will see a slew of
different themed Guitar Hero games on Android within months.

T-Mobile also released the top 10 most downloaded apps the G1 to date. Below is the list.

1)Weather Channel
2)MySpace Mobile
4)Daily Horoscope
5)Free Dictionary Org
6)Ringdroid ringtone creator
7)Backgrounds, which provides themed screens for the G1
8)Barcode Scanner, a simple price comparison service that really works
9)Save MMS, which allows G1 users to save images in picture messages to their
mobile phone
10)Compare Everywhere

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