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Has Amazon got a new Kindle on the way?

kindle2 amazon
kindle2 amazon

As some journalists have managed to bag an invitation to head off to the
Morgan Library in New York by Amazon, you could be wondering what the
online book retailer has up its sleeve. Could it just be a brand new
Kindle mark 2?

A new and improved version of the electronic book reader has been
spotted by Boy Genius Report and by the looks of it, it could well be a

The new device is slated to be released sometime in the next couple of
months. A press conference has been called for 9 February.

Very little is known about the gadget’s specifications. But the
pictures show a thinner and possibly lighter version of the device. It
is also smaller, more rounded and has a directional pad instead of a
touchstrip and more comfortable keys.

It will hopefully comes with 3G for faster downloading.

Link: Boy Genius Report

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