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Celebs jump on Twitter bandwagon

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the newly dubbed "Myspace" has Russel Brand introduced by fellow chum
Jonathon Ross who posted a Twitpic of him with Mrs. Ross to prove it.
His first "Micropost" says: "I have come to join you please be gentle
with me as ive been feeling vulnerable…yet implausibly, sexy."

with the recent outburst of Myspace users, Twitter users are judged by
the friend count you have. Brand must be considered a hit with over
2,000 users adding him in over 20 minutes, it is already over 3,000 and
still climbing.

Ross is on 13,933 with Brand hitting over 30,000 within a month even challenging Stephen Fry with over 60,000.

Maybe its about time for Brand to take a leaf out of last months chapter.

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