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Game gets game with online game rental

game logo 1
game logo 1

game_logo.gifWith the success of
online video rental from the likes of Lovefilm and Amazon, high street
games retailer Game is to launch an online games rental service.

As with video rental services, the new offering allows gamers to rent up to two games at a time with no late fees.

service is run in conjunction with SwapGame, which itself has its own
online game rental service where gamers can rent three games at a time
for £19.99 oer month.

GAME’s online business MD Alex Croft told MCV that they spent a lot of
time talking to customers, to find out what services they want from the

"GAME Rentals will allow customers to rent games for a small
subscription each month. Two games can be rented at a time, and when
customers post one back to us, another will be sent out to them," he said.

GAME Rentals will cover the Xbox 360, Xbox, PS3, PS2, PSP,
Wii and DS consoles.

Link: Game Rentals

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