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Chrome update supports OS X and Linux

google chrome
google chrome

google_chrome.jpgGoogle has opted to
support Mac OS X and Linux by releasing a pre-beta version of Chrome
2.0. Thursday saw developers getting the chance to look at its new
features in the country of Rwanda – which was torn apart by genocide
and now attempting a radical transformation from an agrarian society to
a knowledge-based economy

A change in the latest release,
currently, is a shift to the HTTP network protocol from the
WinHTTP library on windows, establishing a common code that will be a
part of the Mac and Linux version of chrome. There is not yet a release
date but it has been a top priority of Google.

There has been a great interest in the Chrome update, after Google first released the browser last September.

Features in the update will be a newer version of WebKit, the open
source code used to render Web pages. The new iteration should fix some
bugs and add other features such as full page zoom and auto scroll.
There should also be more cascading style sheet (CSS) features. The
search engine company will also be introducing a browser window that
uses different profile views for bookmarks, history and cookies giving
the user a more practical experience. New profiles can also be named
and added as a shortcut on the desktop.

The end of 2008 saw
Chrome accounting for one per cent of the browser market with Internet
Explorer accounting for 78 per cent, Mozilla Firefox at 21 per cent and
Apple Safari at nearly eight per cent according to Net Applications.

To view the report given by InformationWeek where they have given an independent analysis of Google Chrome use this link – Download the report here

And if you haven’t seen Chrome in action yet, take a peek through the Google Chrome image gallery.

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