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Playstation Home gets its voice back

ps3 home tv
ps3 home tv

ps3_home_tv.jpgThose of you left speechless at the last update to Sony’s new non-game
Playstation Home can speak out again as voice chat is back as update 1.05 is rolled out.

According to the official Playstation Blog,
the voice chat functionality will allow users  to chat with mates
within their personal spaces and club houses. They will also be allowed
to share online (although quite what Sony means by that is anyone’s

Previous to that, the 1.04 update temporarily disabled the voice chat
feature. As to why this happen, theories abounded. One such idea was
that voice chat overloaded the servers and cause the wole world to slow
down. Others thought it may have been a ploy to sell more wireless

The 1.05 update is scheduled to go live today and users can get the
upgrade by simply starting up Home via XMB and the download will
immediately kick off.

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Comment: Sony! Cut the price of the PS3 and cut it soon