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Bodum Mini Ibis 5410 travel kettle review

bodum travel kettle lid
bodum travel kettle lid

Review Bodum Mini Ibis 5410 travel kettleWe’re on a long trip through the States, surfing from motel to hotel, and in need of a great British cuppa at the end of each day’s drive. With not every room offering a coffee machine to boil up the required water, we turned to Bodum’s Mini Ibis travel kettle to fill our needs (and our cups).

OK, so the sleek-but-simple oval shape won’t scoop any design awards, but it does make this kettle slightly easier to pack than rounder models.

The easy-opening lid has a button to release it and as long as you don’t flick the switch as soon as it’s boiled you’ll be protected from any steam. Bodum says a safety feature also turns the kettle off if the element overheats (for example, due to insufficient water) – although we didn’t test this function.

In order to fill it correctly you’ll need to add at least 7oz (0.2 litres) of water, with the maximum topping out at 27oz (0.8 litres). Even at that upper limit – which was more than enough for two decent-sized cups – the kettle only took five minutes and eight seconds to boil.

The best thing? The price. Retailing at just $10 (around £6.65) from American retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Overall, this is a simple item that performs its sole function well and is a welcome addition to our travelling gadget collection.