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Microsoft moves to quell Xbox 360 scratched disc fears

xbox 360
xbox 360

to 250,000 Xbox 360 gamers could be at risk of the console destroying
their beloved games. Microsoft admitted that the console could scratch
discs if tilted.

The problem happens when the console is tilted
and the drive is in operation reading a disc. But the gaming giant said
that the problem only affected less than one per cent of owners.

A spokesman for the company told gaming magazine Edge that gamers had contacted them over the issue.

According to reports by newspaper website Seattlepi.com, it is suggested Microsoft knew of the problem prior to the launch of the console in November 2005.

Court papers unsealed by the newspaper said that when the console was reoriented with a disc playing inside it could damage the disc.

considered a number of fixes including increasing the magnetic field of
the disc holder, slowing the speed of the disc drive or installing
bumpers to hold the disc in place but all of these were rejected for
one reason or another.

The console has been dogged by hardware problems since it launch. The infamous Red Ring of Death has cost the company $1 billion to extend the console’s warranty to three years from the original 12 months.