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Mobile Firefox to hit smartphones in 2009


fennec.jpgBrowser company Mozilla looks set to release a mobile version of its
hugely successfull Firefox on Symbian-based smartphones next year.

The company said in a blog post that development was now in its final stages.

The post by Christian Sejersen, Mozilla’s director of mobile engineering, said that the browser, codenamed Fennec,
had a development plan outlined for the coming year. The company also
plans to release Linux and Windows Mobile versions of the browser.

"In Q3 2008 Symbian had 49.8 percent of the total smartphone sales (and
57 percent in Q2) according to Gartner compared to 11.1 percent for
Windows Mobile and 7.2 percent for Linux," Sejersen said on the blog.
"So in order for Mozilla to be relevant in the smartphone space we need
to have a presence on the Symbian platform."

He admitted that for technical and licencing reasons the browser may
not show up on other mobile platforms such as iPhone, RIM and Android.

Link: Fennec mobile browser