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Rumour: PSP 4000 coming in 2009

sony psp
sony psp

sony_psp.jpgWith the PSP 3000 only being out a matter of months, it would seem a
bit odd to be talking about a successor, but if the rumours prove to be
true, a Sony PSP 4000 could make its debut next year.

According to reports from games website Eurogamer, an unnamed source said that a new iteration of Sony’s handheld games console could follow in 2009.

"Sony plans to refresh the PlayStation Portable product line with a
PSP-4000 model in late 2009 and launch a true successor – a PSP2," so said the source.

This could mean that a completely new PSP mark two may not see the light of day until 2010 at the earliest.

Once again, Sony failed to make any comment on rumour or speculation.