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Zavvi flogs Xbox for under £100

xbox 360
xbox 360

xbox_360.jpgConsoles are getting really cheap – it’s the credit crunch, doncha know. Walk into a Zavvi store today and you’d be able to pick up an Xbox or PS3 for a lot less.

retailer is selling an Xbox 360 Arcade for £99.99, a penny shy of one
hundred British Pesos. While the Pro 360 is selling for £149.99 and the
Elite for £199.99.

The deal is said to last up until Christmas Day (although if you are still buying consoles on that day you are in trouble).

shop has also managed to slice £30 off the PS3, cutting it down to
£269.99, although this cut may not save PS3 getting beaten into a
distant third by Microsoft and Nintendo and its Wii.

"Our organisation believes in giving our customers the best deal and
service. We’ve put in place some great offers on Xbox hardware, giving
customers the best value possible in the run up to Xmas," a Zavvi
spokesperson told MCV. "We appreciate how people’s wallets are being tightened
because of the economy."

OK other retailers, a price war has been declared, start cutting your prices and give us all a Christmas to cheer about.

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